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Travel and Adventure

I decided to call this category “Travel and Adventure.”  The term would more aptly describe my writings in this area.  I don’t necessarily travel much, but I travel some.  In addition, I’ve been known to find adventure outside my own backdoor that spurs my muse to new wondering, new connections, and new ideas. 


A few places to which I’ve traveled — in no particular order — include Hawaii, New York City, Minneapolis, Dallas/Ft. Worth, the Ozarks, South Carolina, the Gulf of Mexico, Mexico’s Riviera Maya, the Caribbean, Canada, the southern United States, Niagra Falls — to name a few.


As I have time I post pictures and share the adventures.


For a writer, all your experiences can be considered as fodder for your writing.  Place your character in that location, create a situation, and see what happens — how the character acts and reacts, in respect to the character’s personality and traits.  You might find some writing surprises along the way.  Gotta go.  The dryer’s buzzing.