Here are some Dot Dot Dot Writing Prompts for today, 4 December 2019. Finish the sentences in your own words using as few or as many words as you like. Enjoy! 1. Writing prompts are … 2. Writing prompts are not … 3. Today I am thankful for … Challenge 1: Start a writing journal […]


Surprise! Dot Dot Dot, Fast and Easy, Gr. K-3, Writing Prompts for Children lives. There are many reasons to use writing prompts with children, starting early in their education. … Increases vocabulary … Translates thoughts into words … Builds thinking skills … Develops sentence sense … Encourages confidence as a writer … Improves self-esteem … […]


DOT DOT DOT is the series name of Writing Prompts books for all ages. The first one, FAST AND EASY, Gr. K-3, will be available on December 5, 2019, online in ebook format. Links forthcoming. Dot Dot Dot, Fast and Easy Gr K-3, Writing Prompts for Children by J.K. Mozingo, M.Ed. Here’s a cover reveal […]


Dot Dot Dot by J.K. Mozingo, M.Ed.

November 25, 2019

Coming Soon. Watch for it. Dot Dot Dot by J.K. Mozingo, M.Ed. for students, for children, for adults, for teachers, for home-schooling parents, for writers, for novelists, for journalists. Start small. Finish the two sentences below with your own words. There are no wrong answers. Dot Dot Dot is … Dot Dot Dot is not […]

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Author Anna Kittrell, The Commandment

August 24, 2018

Allow me to introduce you to my friend and author, Anna Kittrell, and her newest novel, The Commandment, releasing August 24, 2018. Anna was kind enough to answer a few questions related to her writing process for us.  I find it very interesting and enlightening to learn of authors’ writing process. Her bio, a free excerpt, and information […]

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A Writer Experiences High Tea in London

August 21, 2018

Yes, you read that correctly.  A writer here who never dreamed of traveling outside the USA found herself in London recently at High Tea.  My kids surprised me as a late celebration of my birthday.  And, boy, did they surprise me!  I’m still hovering in the clouds. Finger sandwiches – cucumber and smoked salmon, scones […]

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Baby Step Writing to Giant Leap with Story Notes

January 18, 2012

  Did you manage any progress on your writing yesterday? My baby step wasn’t on my novel per se, but it involved putting words on paper. AKA writing. An upcoming contest I want to enter has a deadline of Feb. 1, and I can send several entries in different categories for one entry fee. So […]

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Create The Write Habit

January 16, 2012

Even though 2012 has already begun, it’s not too late to begin work to create the write habit, a writing habit. Writing is one facet of a writer’s life, our complex lives, and as such, should be incorporated into our daily lives without a second thought. Just like bathing, combing our hair, making the bed, […]

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November Reflections

November 30, 2008

November has been a month for lots of new happenings.  I learned many new things.  I learned how to maneuver around GoDaddy and set up my hosting account.  I took an online webpage class and learned basic HTML, how to read the code in a barebones webpage, sizing images, and a little about CSS.  I learned […]

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Travel and Adventure

November 20, 2008

I decided to call this category “Travel and Adventure.”  The term would more aptly describe my writings in this area.  I don’t necessarily travel much, but I travel some.  In addition, I’ve been known to find adventure outside my own backdoor that spurs my muse to new wondering, new connections, and new ideas.    A few places to […]

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