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Dot Dot Dot, 4 Dec. ’19, Writing Prompts

Here are some Dot Dot Dot Writing Prompts for today, 4 December 2019. Finish the sentences in your own words using as few or as many words as you like. Enjoy!

1. Writing prompts are …
2. Writing prompts are not …
3. Today I am thankful for …

Challenge 1: Start a writing journal today. Name and date each day’s entries.

Challenge 2: Create a list of writing prompts “is, is not” or “are, are not.” Challenge yourself. How many did you write? Three? Five? More?

Congratulations! Pat yourself on the back.

Extend the exercise:

~ Post your completed prompts if you want.

~ Post your original prompts you created below in comments if you like, and indicate if you would like them published in a Dot Dot Dot book. Credit will be given.

~ Feel free to complete any or all of the prompts listed – mine, yours, others, and post. Your choice to list or not.

Let’s have writing fun together.