Dot Dot Dot, Fast and Easy, Gr. K-3, Writing Prompts for Children


Dot Dot Dot, Fast and Easy, Gr. K-3, Writing Prompts for Children lives.

There are many reasons to use writing prompts with children, starting early in their education.

… Increases vocabulary
… Translates thoughts into words
… Builds thinking skills
… Develops sentence sense
… Encourages confidence as a writer
… Improves self-esteem
… Cultivates individuality
… Shapes personality
… Clarifies values
… Learns acceptance and tolerance
… Promotes individual expression
… Aids problem-solving skills through creativity

This book is available as a free download in three formats .epub, .mobi, .pdf. The download link is given below.

Dot Dot Dot, Fast and Easy, Gr. K-3 was a labor of love and is my gift to teachers, parents, grandparents, and anyone who works with children and helps raise them today. Thank you for helping children learn. Enjoy!

Book Description:
DOT DOT DOT – FAST AND EASY, Gr. K-3, Writing Prompts for Children is a resource book for teachers, parents, and grandparents. It contains seventeen topics of Sentence Stems (Sentence Starters), totaling over 600 writing prompts for children. Categories inside – Alphabet, Around the House, Body Parts, Clothes, Colors, Community, Concepts, Family, Farm, Feelings, Food, Holidays and Seasons, Money, Months, Numbers, School, and Transportation.  Each prompt consists of two related sentence stems, making the total prompts in the collection over 1200.  50+ pages.

Download here.


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