Have you always known you’d be a writer?

November 13, 2008

No.  I never had any idea I would be a writer.  I thought writers were a special breed.  I didn’t know ordinary people like myself could be a writer.   Like many young girls, I had a locking diary — that small book with two pages per week; I think it was.  The narrow-lined paper had at most three to five […]

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Taking Time to Write

November 12, 2008

Writers are all always constantly busy.  We’re always short on time.  We’re always struggling for writing time and lamenting that we don’t get enough.  The key is to TAKE or MAKE writing time.  Make writing a priority.  Then let life flow around writing, rather than the writing flowing around everything else in life.  Try it.  […]

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November 11, 2008

Welcome to my new Internet home.  The current economy has prompted me to step out of my comfort zone.  To stretch my confidence and risk failure.  I’ve jumped into the World Wide Web with my first website.   Tada!  This is it.   So far I’m paddling in the deep waters with more knowledgeable and more experienced persons.  Yet […]

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So Many Books to Read; So Little Time to Read

August 13, 2006

Wow! There are so many good books out there to read that I find many books I want to read, but feel I have so little time to read them all. However, when I look back at what I’ve read this summer–read the past six weeks–I see that I’ve made a dent in my TBR […]

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Yikes! Life’s Busy

July 18, 2006

Yikes! Life’s busy. I’ve been so busy that it’s been nearly five weeks since I posted to the blog. During that time I’ve — rewritten parts of my novel and developed a new story for a novel, created a soothing getaway for my writing muse on my back patio – complete with fountain, swing, plants […]

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Life’s A Whirl

June 21, 2006

This week has started in a whirl.  I’m spinning, meeting myself coming and going, not to mention dog paddling with all the new experiences life brings as a writer — like blogging.  Monday one of my best friends — Di — and I went to lunch and then spent the afternoon planning an upcoming Plotting Party for […]

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Jumping In — Sink or Swim

June 18, 2006

Since all my writing friends are raving about blogs, and blogs are the “thing” to do, I guess I’ll jump in. I just hope the water’s not too deep, that I’m not in over my head, and that I don’t drown. Here’s to sink or swim time! Here I go! Splash!!!

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